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Assistive devices and personal assistance

The vulnerable populations such as persons with disabilities and old aged people use assistive devices. These assistive devices are manufactured all across the world for different ailments with different features. Due to lack of information, the vulnerable people either cannot identify appropriate market or do not get the suitable assistive device. With the use of improper assistive device, the ailment can get worse so, proper assessment before purchasing and selling is necessary.

Health care and rehabilitative services


Enabling people with spinal cord injuries, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the rest of the country to their maximum physical & psychosocial capacity within the limits of their physical and environmental limitations;

Transforming society by optimizing functional mobility minimizing barriers, building skills and encouraging inclusion, to improve human experience.


Physical, Occupational, Vocational and Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Community Re-integration, Wheelchair accessibility, minor home modifications, Participation in Sports /Games, Re-creational activities, Job Placement & Socio-economic support, of people with spinal cord injuries.

Sensitization of the Medical fraternity, Govt functionaries, Political leaders, religious scholars and general masses regarding the plight & issues of people with all kinds of Physical disabilities.

Promotion, Projection and Advocacy of the basic human rights of people with spinal cord injuries in particular & other disabilities


For the first time in Pakistan,”Friends of Paraplegics” launches the unique concept of Accessible Pakistan through Android & IOS applications and website, supported under the Micro Project scheme of Federal Republic of Germany. It focuses on inclusion of persons with disabilities through highlighting universal acceptability and building bylaws. This application helps online identification of accessible spots/services for persons with disabilities and old aged citizen.

Additional features of “on-the-spot location suggestion”by visiting users have been added to help users suggest an accessible place,thus enabling users to share their experience and ensure accessibility under building codes with the help of local authorities.Data provided against user identified accessible places will be analysed for exactness and will be uploaded with more details for common users to get information on their fingertips.

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