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Since I came to CILSA I always felt very comfortable. The climate at training center is always pleasant, the colleagues who touched me in all the courses I did and above all, Julio and Andrea who have accompanied me since 2015 in my training process and also in personal growth. I made many friends over the years.
The trainings they provide are very good.
I always include the diplomas that we were awarded when I apply for a job search, and the Curriculum Vitae, which we learn to do in the workshops, is also not lacking.
I also want to highlight work practice as a trainer of computer tools in the program A child a future. They were two very nice years sharing with new people and putting into practice everything I had learned.


I am a graduate of the Technician in Computer Management at the Universidad Nacional del Litoral; I am currently studying at the Domingo Silva institute the technical degree in Software Development. I want to continue my training in computer science and get a job.


The main change that I perceived in me was to feel that I am ready for something, something that I like.
One goal that I reached was to learn to organize myself, to go live alone, to have more responsibilities.
The support from my family was a lot, they always accompanied me in my decisions. POETA also had a positive impact on my family's entrepreneurship, in llambi we have a bakery, and based on the knowledge I acquired in CILSA, I taught my parents to handle Facebook and carry out digital procedures, such as electronic invoicing.

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