Hugo Jacome

Mes 3 meilleurs facilitateurs

Accessible communication

Talov created SpeakLiz app, to improve communication between people with hearing impairment and everyone.

Assistive devices and personal assistance

Talov created Vision app, to improve interaction of people with visual impairment, and their surroundings.


Talov believes that beyond technology, the motivation always will be to improve the lives of people with disabilities.

Mon voyage

Talov's achievement: 1st Prize at Entrepreneurs League (Ecuador)
Talov's achievement: World's Top 200 most innovative startups at Web Summit (Portugal)
Talov's achievement: 1st prize Seedstars World (Ecuador)
Talov's achievement: 1st Prize SAP Innomarathon (Ecuador)
Talov's achievement: 3rd prize SAP Innomarathon (United States)
Talov's achievement: 1st prize Google Developers Launchpad (Ecuador)
Talov's achievement: 2nd prize History Channel social initiative (Mexico)
Talov's achievement: Top 35 Innovators Under 35 by MIT Technology Review (Mexico)
Talov's achievement: 1st Prize of Seedstars-MADA ICT Accessibility Awards (Qatar)

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