Junior and ADA Foundation united by sport

Mes 3 meilleurs facilitateurs


Since the accident, I become very reslient. Therefore, my attitude has always been motivating and decisive in achieving the goals I set for myself every day. Before I take any action I try to be proactive and positive. If I visualize myself as successful, I will try to achieve the goal.


Education has allowed me to know the life stories of people who achieved great goals. It also helps me to be more aware of the environment around me and prepares me to be useful to society.

Laws, Policies and Institutions

Different institutions such as ADA Foundation, Indeportes Antioquia, Inder Medellín and SENA, have helped me to become more visible to society and participated in educational and sports programs that have allowed me to evolve and achieve the possibility to participate in the Paralympic Games.

Mon voyage

Accepting my New Path
Sport Path

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