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Laws, Policies and Institutions

The Kenya National Education Sector Strategic Plan (2018-2022) provides for inclusive education for learners and trainees with disabilities at basic
The government is currently implementing a curriculum that facilitates learners and trainees with disabilities to use Digital Literacy Programme (DLP) devices. This programme focuses on training Special Needs Education (SNE) teachers and students on the utilization of the DLP devices.
We have partnered with the Kenya Ministry of Education Science and Technology to monitor and provide quality assurance for our programs.


inABLE has received financial and in-kind support from private sector foundations and organisations such as Google, Microsoft, Blackboard Foundation and General Electric.

Assistive devices and personal assistance

Availability of assistive devices such as screen-reader software and online accessible learning software makes our work possible.

inABLE Staff through DAISY consortium have been trained to convert analogue material to accessible digital content for the blind and visually impaired.

Mon voyage

Opening of the first two computer labs
inABLE opens its third computer lab
inABLE opens its fourth computer lab
inABLE opens its fifth and sixth Computer Lab
World Summit on the Information Society - ITU (WSIS) Prize Champion 2017
inABLE launches its 7th computer lab
Order of the Grand Warrior of Kenya 2016
Malaika Award, Notable Educator Category, Kenya
Zero Project Award 2020

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