Community & Forum Guidelines and Rules

Community & Forum Guidelines and Rules

Welcome to the - Story4Development, S4D - community. We are delighted to give you a warm welcome to this space.

The project “Exceptional Persons with Disabilities in the World” – supported by the Nippon Foundation aims to celebrate human capacities through exchanges of inspiring empowerment stories as you can see while navigating on the website.

It aims to give more visibility to the story tellers and their stories can influence policy and decision makers, governments and the general public by providing evidence-based information to elaborate inclusive policies, programs and initiatives.

The online platform provides information and analyzed collected data in the form of a report on enabling factors accessible to the policy and decision makers.

Do not hesitate to participate in the forum and to share your story on the platform.

In order to ensure this environment remains safe and friendly, here are some basic rules for the well-being of the forum and each of us. Please, do not:
-violate copyright or intellectual property rights;
-use any forms of hateful or violent conduct, including discrimination, hate speech, harming others or acting maliciously;
-spam and scam. The definition of spam is an advertising post. Any post considered as spam will be removed;
-post any personal data and sensitive information such as account password.

Thank you for your understanding and contribution,

Do not hesitate to contact the moderator for any information or any suggestion.