My top 3 facilitators

Accessible communication

Without accessibility life is difficult for people like us. We wouldn't be able to operate any IT or gadgets. I don't want people to face what I have faced, and now where the world is progressing so much, we are talking about accessibility in any field or domain. This is one of most important things.

Assistive devices and personal assistance

Assistive Technology was not there in my time. When I was teaching French, a lot of my students used to volunteer to read for me. I needed a lot of personal assistance while growing up. With technology, we don't need that personal assistance. I live all alone and haven't needed assistance for anything. Everything becomes so simple with technology. One thing that people take for granted is the ability to read and re-read books. Growing up, I had to rely on people to read chapters for me. I was famous for skipping my chapters because I didn't want people to read and read and read. With assistive technology like Bookshare, I don't have to do that. I can read what I want on my own time, at my own pace.


I wouldn't say you need 10 degrees or 5 diplomas, but a basic education gives you opportunity to converse and teaches you the ways of life. How will you talk to people? Earn your daily living? Education is so important. Even in a conversation, sighted people take clues of the environment. We can't, so we have to brace ourselves with knowledge.

My Journey

Bookshare Head of Membership Africa and Asia
Masters Diploma in Modern French Study

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