Taobao developer is testing mobile app support of accessibility

My top 3 facilitators


My work is in an international company, big and busy. Most time we evolve our products to meet customer`s needs. The project always takes GMV(Gross Merchandise Volume) or DAU(Daily Active User) as the main goals. But there are a few people who care about accessibility. Lucky I and my boss is one of these. Beside my teammates all think so. We fixed the accessibility bug at rest time, and summary our knowledge in build a platform to help more developers, making accessibility support work easier.

Assistive devices and personal assistance

We create a new device to help blind people at using mobile phones, it calls SmartTouch. It is a screen protector with several buttons on the edge, which is working with Android devices. Touching the button is a shortcut to access some function or feature in mobile apps. It's cheap, cost only two dollars.
I believe in the development of science and technology is the best way to enhance the experience.


Knowledge makes people wise and broadens the horizon. It also Introduce more possibilities.

My Journey

Taobao Mobile Accessibiliy Supportment

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