Hearing Screening in Maxixe Primary School,Mozambique

My top 3 facilitators

Assistive devices and personal assistance

I received a solar powered hearing aids, which assisted me to develop my speech and hearing. Therefore presenting me with an opporturnity to attend school. The batteries are recharged by the sun and the lifespan is 3 years.


Education has enabled me to break the cycle of poverty. I have managed to gain employment and also provide for my collegues who are hearing impaired.

Laws, Policies and Institutions

We took the initiative and partnered with First National Bank (FNB) Botswana where it trained bank tellers countrywide to sign language in order to assist with bank-related functions. As a result, deaf communities in Botswana that were previously unbanked were able to access banking services. With the support of First National Bank of Botswana, we developed the first HIV/AIDS book in Sign Language. We managed to reduce HIV/AIDS transmission rate form 38% to 10% in deaf communities.

We advocated for a sign language interpreter on National Television and the government of Botswana changed its policy and made it mandatory for all the programs on National Television Broadcasting to always have a sign language Interpreter.

My Journey

Developed affordable Solar Powered Hearing Aid

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