Cyberdine technology (Robot Suit HAL®- Hybrid Assistive Limb) is used for rehabilitation of paralyzed limbs at SOCSO's Tun Razak Rehabilitation Centre.

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Laws, Policies and Institutions

SOCSO has been recognized as one of the governing bodies to certify the eligibility of employers to receive exemption for income tax under the DEDUCTIONS FOR THE EMPLOYMENT OF DISABLED PERSONS REGULATIONS 2019. SOCSO, an agency under the Ministry of Human Resources has influences the implementation of the Hiring Incentives for PWDs at the national level. During the recovery stage of post Covid-19, SOCSO assisted the Malaysian Government with proposing, designing and operating the Hiring Incentives programme that promotes the hiring of vulnerable groups, particularly the disabled individuals.

Health care and rehabilitative services

Employees who are confirmed to be suffering from severe permanent injuries or illness are sent to SOCSO’s Tun Razak Rehabilitation Centre which is one of its kind to combine medical and vocational rehabilitation within an allied health institute in one place. The complex houses multiple and latest rehabilitation equipment to give the best chance of recovery for disabled individuals.

SOCSO’s Neuro-Robotics Rehabilitation and Cybernics Centre offers state-of-the-art rehabilitation technology, a fusion of human-machine-information to treat persons with paralysis or weakened limbs due to an injury or disruption on the central nervous system including stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, and multiple sclerosis and neurodegenerative diseases. The robotic treatment trains the brain to move the paralyzed limbs trough information signals between the human and robot. This digital hybrid treatment enables patients to improve their mobility function.

Assistive devices and personal assistance

Motivated individuals supported by Return To Work (RTW) are directed channelled to Employment Services Officers (ESO) across the country in which they will then reside, to facilitate these prospective employees re-entering to the labour market. An ESO assists disabled persons with job searching and placement by identifying employers who are wiling to hire Person with Disabilities (PWD). Additionally, ESOs train disabled persons to utilize the new MYFutureJobs portal (, a national online platform for job searching. The MYFutureJobs portal comprises of vacancies database from employers across the country. The MYFutureJobs which adopts the ESCO (European Skills, Competencies and Occupations) facilitates disabled persons to bring forward skills and competencies that remain as their strength despite being differently abled. MYFutureJobs has become an essential part of the nation’s plan for recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

My Journey

End-to-end Individualised Placement Support for PWDs through integrated case management approach and AI-Powered Job Portal (MYFutureJobs)

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