My top 3 facilitators

Health care and rehabilitative services

One December evening in 2009, I happened to notice David Corr's website at the top of the search. He was a hypnotherapist who just happened
to be an expert in tinnitus. I had never thought of hypnotherapy before and knew nothing about it or how it worked. Seeing David, whose knowledge of applied hypnosis and tinnitus from a psychological perspective became the first small, but crucial step on my long journey to permanent silence.


I want to thank my supervisors: Professor Lizbeth Goodman, who believed in me from the first time we met and never let me doubt myself along the way, and Professor Cahal McGloughlin, whose expertise in documentary film added considerably to my arsenal of specific techniques. Professor Mick Donegan created interfaces and set them up with kindness and humour. And my Research Studies Panel were excellent too: Professor Suzanne Guerin, Professor Eamon Jordan and Professor Mickey Keenan. I would also like to thank my informal advisor, Jenny Kleeman, a then documentary maker and Journalist at Channel 4. Thanks to all, and to Dr Alison Wiliams, my PhD buddy along this road.

Assistive devices and personal assistance

In order to write the PhD, I had to solve some technological and also some social challenges. I had to take some periods of leave of absence for medical reasons over the years, and had to conduct my research in part-time mode, from home in London, so that I could use the time provided by part-time assistants to handle typing and other physical tasks. The amazing Dr Mick Donegan invented some new eye-gaze tools and techniques especially for me, for which I am most grateful, and he was also very patient and understanding when I decided to rely on my own voice instead.

My Journey


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