The Ayati Centre

My top 3 facilitators

Assistive devices and personal assistance

The grant that we obtained from Wild Geese Foundation assisted us to purchase the much needed assistive technology devices that children previously would not have access to. Through the grant we were able to purchase 47 tablet devices and Avaz communication apps.
the hearing aids in our possession are dispensed to children who need them most are they are able to use these for communication and learning.

Community organizations

Collaboration with the Cerebral Palsy Lanka Foundation organization and Avaz software company in India assisted us in developing a state of the art one of a kind communication app in Sinhala and Tamil (local languages). In addition, the students in the speech and language therapy program provided the expertise on the linguistic and cultural content that needed to be included in the app.
the private public collaboration within the Ayati trust enabled the state of the art center which houses the fully digitalised audiology center and the AAC lab.
the telehealth deliverance through webinars was a joint activity with other organisations.

Health care and rehabilitative services

Interprofessional collaboration assisted us in identifying the much needed gap in communication
and hearing technologies. This in turn prompted us to develop the Avaz communication app as a solution.
the private sector audiology services are supporting in training our staff and with technical support for the hearing aids.
the children receiving telehealth in far away places receive their medications from the local hospitals.

My Journey

Providing digital solutions through the dream center

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