Samaa AL Ameer

My top 3 facilitators

Accessible communication

My mother was the one who helped and supported me, and the Iraqi National Library and Archives was the first institution to support my talent morally, as she welcomed me and set up my first art exhibitions, honored me with certificates of appreciation, and dedicated my artworks to a roll of honor and granted me a special certificate under the title The Maker of Hope , I was also supported by the studio of the National Library, Office Archives. I got a moral appreciation from the Iraqi Ministry of Culture, which held a honoring session for me, and the Children Culture House also held art exhibitions for me. The media and journalists also supported me morally and published many articles about me and interviews with me. Moral support is available for me.


I was born in a complex medical condition that prevented me from walking and sitting and forced me to stay at home, but with my personal training, with the encouragement of my mother, I challenged the circumstances and difficulties. As I was not accepted into the school for people with disabilities due to my critical and complex health condition, my mother accepted the challenge to be my teacher at home and my personal guide, and to provide technical and cultural training to me at home by devoting all her time to me and following my dreams. In my early childhood my mother taught me to use the computer, and I taught myself to draw with the computer on my own when I found on the computer screen an icon that caught my attention, so I opened it and discovered that it is a drawing program. In my country, we need to activate an alternative way to educate people like me, that guarantees access to education at home or build schools not far from the homes of people with disabilities.

Assistive devices and personal assistance

In my country there are no special wheelchairs suitable for my difficult disability situation, my mother added a modification to my wheelchair to make it suitable for me. My mother and father help me with my commute because I cannot move the wheels of the chair on my own due to my difficult disability.

My Journey

Online exhibition entitled (Together We Face Corona)
Honor roll for the maker of hope, Samaa AL Ameer
Exhibition and campaign: (Cleanliness is a Culture)
My story and painting in list of Stories of Courage
Awards and honors for me
I launched a campaign entitled (I Read)
Campaigns and workshops for positive thinking
(Life Just Like a Palette - SamaAsma) network
Holding exhibitions and starting to life, a maker of hope
Learning at home and starting to life through drawing

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