My football career

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I was still having passion for football, as a one leg person I trained and played football with able people of which drew the attention of the society and the general public. My performance was extraordinary, so I had the chance to join the Ghana Amputee Team. My hard work, determination, skills and dedication made the coach elect me as the captain for the Ghana Amputee team. I led the team to so many competitions. In the year 2006, I led the team to Sierra Leon which is the first ever Africa Amputee cup of nations of which we won the trophy. I also led the team as the captain to the Amputee world cup in the year 2008 in Turkey. In the year 2009, I led the team as the captain to participate in competitions in countries like, United Kingdom, South Africa and France. In the year 2010, we qualified to the world Amputee championship which was hosted in Argentina and my hard work, determination and consistency made us qualified to the semi-finals of the competition. I was the best player


I was dedicated and hard-working, i am very humble.
I don't allow my situation to pull me down,
I always try to empower people living with disabilities

Laws, Policies and Institutions

Allowing and giving disabilities the chance to showcase their talent

My Journey

Reducing inequality within and among the nation

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