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Community organizations

State community organizations for people with disabilities are not usually focused on empower but entertainment and sports. Other organizations in their lives let them the opportunity to see they are not alone and have things in common. The major accomplishment for people with intellectual disabilities have had in our country, has been to conform a group of people that defend their own rights. Having the opportunity to let them know their rights and defend them through a self-advocate group is not common, specially when they are usually represented by their families and are not present in important decisions about themselves. Sociedad Peruana de Sindrome Down was born as a group of families to support each other, but understood the importance of empower people with intellectual disabilities with the tools and the strong to convince their families first, and then the community, that they were subjects of rights, instead of objects that someone else can lead without will.

Assistive devices and personal assistance

Having the opportunity to access technology opened a door to freedom for people with intellectual disabilities in our country, since this let them to communicate themselves without their parent interventions. As well as technology was more easy to use, more intuitive, people with intellectual disabilities were able to extend its use and convert it in a powerful communication and socialization device when isolation was usually common. The development of internet and social media networks has let them to create their own social media network "Autogestores Sindrome Down Peru" where they share their activism, their achievements, their stories and create awareness about the value of people with Down Syndrome and intellectual disabilities in the community. During these lockdown measures, internet searching and technological new platforms let them to communicate face to face, which has been the only way to stay together, sharing their interests and the problems that affects them.

Laws, Policies and Institutions

Alliances made by our organization with institutions, and to be connected with policies and laws had relevant importance over the changes that have had impact. As self advocates, they had the chance to speak at UN to claim their right to vote. That action meant that 24,000 people with disabilities recovered their right to vote due to the attention called by one of our members about vulneration of rights. Other self advocates have participated among other groups to share their experience and ask congressmen and authorities to promote changes. The major accomplishment was to be the first country in the region to change the Civil Code and recognize legal capacity for people with intellectual disabilities, which means a recognition as citizens like any other one. Self advocates had the chance to share with congressmen, press and other relevant persons, to share their view about rights. They have had the opportunity to talk with schools to aware about inclusive education and other rights.

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