My top 3 facilitators


My education, background and qualifications helped.

Laws, Policies and Institutions

These were not very helpful.

Assistive devices and personal assistance

A few compassionate and empathetic folks helped.

My Journey

My Pain & Inner Suffering: My Ultimate Inspiration

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Mayuri 1
Mayuri Darekar
31, Private sector
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in this picture we can see Alex Garcia, a deafblind Brazilian.  He is with his eyes closed. He has sunglasses on his head, he is wearing a light pink shirt. At the back we can see some people sitting on a sofa. It looks like a hotel/ convention hall
Alex García
44, Private sector
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Hazem Salim
Hazem Fawzy
40, Private sector
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Ms María Soledad Cisternas Reyes, Special Envoy of the UNSG on Disability and Accessibility
María Soledad Cisternas Reyes
61, Research/University
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