Mr. Limbu conducted the assistive technology training to BVI youth with the support of Australia Awards Nepal Alumni Disability Initiative grant- 2018

My top 3 facilitators

Laws, Policies and Institutions

Laws and policies of Nepal allowed us to establish the organization. The Social Welfare Council of Nepal has provided a space for office in the starting phase. From 2008, NAB has been receiving the continuous grant support from Nepal Government. We are running computer training currently with the government support. NAB has been producing braille books for Nepal government since 2003. Small grants supports are provided by the Province and local government as well. It has allowed us to extend our network throughout the country and also to seek financial support from external donors.

Social protection programs

After long advocacy of NAB, Nepal Government has started to provide disability allowances for Red Card and Blue card holder persons with disability including BVI. It has also allocated 5% job reservation in government service for the persons with disability including BVI. Prior to this reservation, Nepal Government used to allocate certain quotas specially for the BVI people in government teaching service.


Nepal Government has started education for BVI from 1964. Upto now, it has running 80 resource schools for the BVI students, providing scholarship for school level education and text books on braille.

My Journey

Computer and assistive technology training
Talking Book Production and DAISY system
Software development for increasing the access of BVI people over technology

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