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Assistive devices and personal assistance

Friends of the Disabled Association provides our students by smart tablets. We have a fully equipped Touch Screen Auditorium. There is a Rechargeable mobile Tablet Consul with 36 fully programmed with applications Tablets. The applications and programs are designed individually to suite the educational needs of every student. Our Idad school is equipped with Snozelen auditorium to respond to sensory integration needs to our students. We have a Three Di mention Movie auditorium, which is prepared to host 18 students. Our students use their tablets during their homework. During Covid 19 crisis we prepared our educational and rehabilitation paramedical personnel to conduct online sessions for our students and their families. All the families were provided with Whatsapp communication to receive the instructional programs from our personnel, Family members are trained to send back the responses of the students, by sending photo and videos of the students performance during quarantine


Our qualified educational and rehabilitation personnel provide programs to various groups of the 130 students. We have the following sections. Early Detection & Early Intervention Section, Basic Education Section, Intermediate Section, Severe Difficulties Section, Prevarication Section, Vocational Training Section, Marketing Section, Bakery Section, Sport & Leisure Section, Sport & Leisure Section, Horseback riding Section, Hydrotherapy, and Drama Therapy Section. Besides we have the following therapies: Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech& Hearing Therapy, Sensory Motor Therapy, Psychotherapy, and Music Therapy. Friends of the Disabled Association secure employment for the graduates, in Diet Center, Pangea Resort, and other facilities. Our Sheltered Workshops are designed for persons who face difficulties in finding jobs in open labor market.


Friends of the Disabled Association has been conducting, advocacy awareness campaigns in the academic, and educational institutions. We have periodic visits, and combined activities to Carmel Sain Joseph School in Mechrif, Mar Charbel College in Jiyyeh, Damour public Schools, European School in Naheme, Hussameddine Hariri School in Saida, Kadijat Al Kubra Secondary School Beirut, Burj Al Barjneh Standard School, Mosan Day Care Center and Jiyyeh Governmental School. We have strong relation ships with Modern University for Business Science, Hariri University, Beirut Arab University, Hayghazian University, Lebanese University, Pheonicia University, Islamic University, Americn University of Beirut, Lebanese International University, Al Balamand University, Lebanese American University and other academic institutions. We organize awareness campaigns through the celebrations of disability related events, like International Day of Persons with Disability, International Down Syndrome Day

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