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Assistive devices and personal assistance

Software Development: To encourage persons with disabilities to use software/applications, BCC has developed a software e-learning platform & job portal following web accessible guidelines. About 200 audio-video tutorial of ICT course are now available in e-learning platform in which sign language is integrated. A person of disabilities is learning and getting ICT skills from their home and if necessary they can download those contents at free of cost. This e-learning platform is developed maintaining the web accessibility guidelines. Also a database and mobile apps has developed. Following web content develop e-learning platform and job portal for person with disabilities for the first time in Bangladesh.
Audio-Video Tutorial: BCC is developing about 350 audio-video tutorial contents for ICT training for persons with disabilities in which sign language is integrated. BCC is currently working on to prepare a new project for the persons with disabilities.


From 2011, Bangladesh Computer Council conducts ICT training for capacity development of the persons with disabilities. ICT training activities for persons with disabilities are conducting through seven regional offices (Rajshahi, Chittagong, Khulna, Barisal, Faridpur, Sylhet and Rangpur) including head office Dhaka. About 2800 persons of disabilities receive the training from BCC without fee. Other allowances like training materials (Book, Pen, and notebook), transport, and accommodation also provided for the trainees.
This training activity has been drawing their attention of persons with disabilities to learn computer and day by day the number of trainees are increasing. Beside ICT training BCC is planning job related training and skill development activities for them. Trained person will be sent to companies of their preference and BCC will fund for their 3 months internship. That will help the disable persons to get a suitable job.


To change the attitude of the people we are doing;
Campaign: The campaign is organized in educational institutions of the country with the aim to inform all about the government initiatives for the disable persons.
Seminar: BCC has been organizing seminars/ workshops every year throughout the country to inform the stakeholders about the activities regarding persons with disabilities. Seminar is being organized with the emphasis on presenting and reviewing the progress of this program for the persons with disabilities with the stakeholders. One of the aims of the seminar is to further promote these activities for persons with disabilities across the country and to raise awareness about disability among all sections of the society.
Disability Orientation Training: 360 Community Disability Experts (CDE) and 217 Health Professionals were provided Disability Orientation Training. 700 primary school teachers are selected and expecting to complete their training in this year.

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Bangladesh Computer Council for Digital Empowerment of Persons with disabilities.

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