Melisa the front of a camera looking as a executive professional

My top 3 facilitators

Community organizations

In Por Igual Mas I learned to value myself as a person, to develop myself as a professional and to stand on my own feet as well as to undertake new ideas and projects, to set up work groups and to play with my creativity. I learned to be me in a sea of people where we all understand each other because we are going to the same place. I also learned to know my rights and assert them, to identify myself as a subject of civil rights and obligations like everyone else.
In the context of Covid-19 we have undertaken projects by which we are empowering more people with disabilities to perform as professionals in their respective roles as community managers, graphic designers, web designers and programmers, etc.


I was born in a small town and here there was no need to explain who I was and what my needs were. However, my community was able to contain me, protect me, support me, encourage me, and propel me to challenges I never thought I would face. People's love make this possible, there is no other explanation. At school the teachers printed my notes in large print, my classmates helped me with the readings and rarely stood in my way. I remember gym classes where I could not see the ball and the helplessness that it produced, but there was always a lively alternative for me: other ways of doing the exercises and sharing with others.

Laws, Policies and Institutions

In Argentina the laws exist, but it is necessary to file appeals more than once to enforce them. There are also laws and their traps that unfortunately are very frequent. For example, there are employment programs for people with disabilities that provide an economic income. Their renewal is infinite so they do not contribute to the real insertion in the social security system and you will always be a slave to the decisions of the bosses. I want to feel useful, I want a job that dignifies me, not just money to pay for my things, I want my education to become meaningful and importance.

My Journey

Found out myself, recognizing and empowering me

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