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As a higher level educational institution, we have the unavoidable obligation to educate around values, inclusion, diversity, working to eradicate any shape of discrimination from our society.
That's why, the knowledge, research and development generated is oriented to respond to the needs and deficiencies of the community, especially those with greater vulnerability.

Community organizations

We have the deep belief that we empower people with hearing loss by incorporating their experiences in the development of solutions.
That's why we get even closer to Social Organizations -such as Mutual Argentina de Hipoacusia, among others- in order to integrate their vision to the resolution proposed by our institution.

Laws, Policies and Institutions

The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities -CRPD- approved by the United Nations on 12/13/2006 - signed by 80 countries in 2007- was incorporated into Argentine legislation in 2008 through the enactment of Law No. 26378.
UNTREF is a national, public and free access university that enjoys autonomy.
All this regulatory framework favors the development of our principles and values, translated into actions for the benefit of the community.

My Journey

TESCUCHO - Digital development to assist people with hearing loss

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