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To reinforce the Qatar National Vision 2030, Mada Center launched the 2019-2021 strategy under the theme “Digital Access for All”. Through the current strategy, Mada seeks to enhance the ICT accessibility for Persons with Functional Limitations (Persons with Disabilities and the elderly) by fully integrating them into the community, involving them in the development process, and raising awareness of their needs to help build their capabilities and utilize their potential. Through strategic partnerships, the center works to enable the education and culture and community sectors through ICT to achieve an inclusive community and educational system. The Center achieves its goals by building partners' capabilities and supporting the development of and providing accreditation for digital platforms in accordance with international standards of digital access. Mada raises awareness, provides consulting services, and increases Assistive Technology solutions in Arabic through the Mada Innovation

Assistive devices and personal assistance

The Mada Center works to empower persons with disabilities and the elderly and support their independence through technology, In this context, Assistive Technology services are provided to people with disabilities and the elderly through Evaluation and Technical Support Sections, where Mada provides the necessary information, consultations, and technician support for free assistive technology devices and solutions and their uses.
Mada Center offers Remote Technology Assessment Service to support people with disabilities to assess their needs of assistive technology and support services.


Through strategic partnerships, the Center works to enable the education and culture and community sectors through ICT to achieve an inclusive community and educational system. Mada has actively and meaningfully participated in the Qatar IT Conference and Exhibition (QITCOM) and has signed several collaboration agreements and strategic partnerships with many of the country’s leading players in education, culture, and society. In terms of the education sector, Mada Center signed a strategic partnership agreement with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in the fields of education and ICT access, which was signed by the Undersecretary of the MoEHE and the CEO of Mada. The Center also has signed a similar agreement with Hamad Bin Khalifa University, represented by HBKU’s President, furthermore, it made another agreement with Qatar Foundation (Pre-University Education), represented by the Head of Pre-University Education.

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