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Assistive devices and personal assistance

Being someone who is physically impaired, having access to crutches almost all of the time has enabled me to operate at a rather acceptable level but the only problem comes when environments have verty steep steps or staircases which make it very difficult to be navigated by persons with physical impairments. Having assistive devices gives persons with disabilities an edge over those who have not but in Zimbabwe they are not readily available and have to be imported and this makes their prices steep for persons with disabilities.


Although negative attitudes constitute a veritable barrier to disability inclusion, society's attitudes to disability have somewhat mellowed over the years and most people recognise diversity as an essential element in society and most service providers will try to give you priority in order to make their services as accessible to persons with disabilities as possible.

Accessible communication

I have made the most of social media and its social media inclusion capability. Social media having the greatest impact in promoting the inclusion of persons with disabilities (PWDs) in social, economic, political and cultural processes, I have made extensive use of online media to get information to PWDs. I have written trenchant crosscutting articles on disability which have empowered persons with disabilities to stand up for their rights. These include: ;; ;;;

My Journey

Ensured inclusion of persons with disabilities in electoral processes oral processes aioxluaio

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