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My top 3 facilitators

Community organizations

Different multi-level organizations have teamed up with Comparlante throughout the last 5 years. This has allowed us growing while helping us to reach and positively impact on more people both in Latin America and globally. These key actors converge into a strong network of supporters whose joint actioning enables the achievement of Comparlante’s goals.

Laws, Policies and Institutions

The UN Convention on the Rights of PwDs and the related national legislation build up our main framework and pillars of action. In addition to enabling us to impulse awareness raising processes among decision-makers towards an equal access to rights for all persons with disabilities.


We believe that this is the best way to promote PwDs rights and build accessible and equality spreading actions for an effective inclusion of all persons with disabilities. Education has also the power to promote a positive and proactive attitude towards disability matters.

My Journey

First step on the international arena
Patricipation at UN ECOSOC
Leaning leadership in India
Global networks for peace and justice

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