Prayas-Daksh- Technology Based Intervention for Persons with Autism

My top 3 facilitators


Attitudes of all stake holders matter and I received it.

Assistive devices and personal assistance

These were needed to develop the evidence based programme.

Community organizations

All community organisations understood the importance of the work.

My Journey

Shaping Thoughts; Shifting Paradigms

Discussions connexes

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in this picture we can see Alex Garcia, a deafblind Brazilian.  He is with his eyes closed. He has sunglasses on his head, he is wearing a light pink shirt. At the back we can see some people sitting on a sofa. It looks like a hotel/ convention hall
Alex García
44, Private sector
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Irene Mbari-Kirika
20, Private sector
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Sandeep Agarwal
Sandeep Agarwal
50, Private sector
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my pic
Norah Alghusun
30, Private sector
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