My top 3 facilitators


The attitude/mindset of society, institutions and parents/caregivers is foremost when it comes to inclusion of individuals with Down syndrome. Through parental support and positive attitude of influencers in the society, KDSP has been able to transform mindsets about inclusion.

Health care and rehabilitative services

The first 1000 days in the life of a child with Down syndrome are crucial since the mind is most absorbent and development is at its peak. Hence habilitative services/therapy clinics by KDSP providing physical, occupational and speech therapies are cruical to help children with Down syndrome achieve their developmental milestones timely.


Research proves that children with Down syndrome learn better in an inclusive schooling environment with their typically developing peers and it also provides the latter with an opportunity to develop compassion and empathy. KDSP therefore works holistically on inclusive education.

My Journey

Informational Sessions for parents/caregivers
Skills Development module for individuals with Down syndrome
Program for Inclusive Education launched
Establishment of Down Syndrome Clinic at the Aga Khan University Hospital
Establishment of Early Preschool for children with Down syndrome
Launch of Parents/caregiver buddy program
900+ individuals with Down syndrome in the KDSP Family Network

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