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My top 3 facilitators


Education is an important tool to empower persons with disabilities. Persons with disabilities can't earn livelihood by choosing hard manual labour. Thus in order to build the capacity of persons with disabilities instead of offering cash charities and other benefits we should prefer to support a person with disability by providing education and employment to persons with disabilities. Education helped me to seek maximum empowerment. If I would have not sought sound qualifications, I would have not been able to support the children with severe disabilities to get education and rehabilitation therapies. In addition the advocacy for the protection of rights of persons with disabilities and conducting meetings with stakeholders would have not possible. Education gave me the identity and gave wings to my dreams to get fulfilled. If I would have been illiterate it would have been impossible for me to get opportunity to become voice of the disability sector in my region & at national leve

Laws, Policies and Institutions

Strong laws and policies have direct impact on the lives of people. The weaker sections of society have less privileges and our complaints are not heard. The laws and acts are the tools to fight for their discrimination. The strong laws are highly effective in nature. When I found discriminations happening with the disability sector, I went to the High Court of my state and took the different issues. The application was treated as Public interest litigation and a number of decisions were passed in minimising the problems of persons with disabilities in different areas. The Court ordered for enabling environment and a nodal officer was designated in the every department to ensure the enabling environment and the recruiting agencies were directed to ensure the implementation of reservations and other benefits for the persons with disabilities in all types of the recruitment. The state government was motivated to start the educational activities for children with disabilities and ensure

Assistive devices and personal assistance

Assistive devices play an important role in maximising the mobility of persons with disabilities. The standard aids of mobility help the persons with disabilities to attain the goals. The substandard aids and appliances create additional disabilities and create the troubles to live an independent life. I used a standard wheelchair of a popular company and was able to lift it with me in all types of vehicles and my mobility got maximised by using standard wheelchair. The earlier used wheelchairs were insecure and not sustaining for maximum time. Thus all the standard assistive devices help and maximise capacities of the persons with disabilities.
The personal assistance and support system at family level also maximise the capabilities of a person with disability. My family assisted me personally and my privacy was maintained. However the personal assistance should not be specific and it needs multidisciplinary support for achieving job overcoming the challenges of life.

My Journey

Advocating for the persons with Disabilities in Risky situations & providing Education to children with Disabilities

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