Iskender Sultanaliev

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Education is a powerful key to success for anyone, including people with visual disabilities. With the help of assistive technologies, devices and software, blind people around the world have the opportunity to learn about the world around them and expand their horizons. One of such technologies can be our software product - a Kyrgyz speech synthesizer. Thanks to the synthesizer, blind children and students were able to read electronic textbooks and other literature in their native Kyrgyz language. In addition, for self-preparation of blind students for intra-university exams, we have developed an Internet resource on which we posted 47 audio textbooks on various university disciplines. Thanks to our free products, Kyrgyz blind students can pursue higher education on an equal basis with other students.

Assistive devices and personal assistance

Since 2006, our team has trained about 120 blind and visually impaired people to work with computers, office equipment and the Internet. These people today have received professions and work in various fields: massage therapists, teachers, musicians. All these achievements became possible thanks to our use of assistive technologies and the transfer of personal experience and knowledge. The personal assistance that our beneficiaries provide to each other after completing educational courses in our foundation also plays an important role. For these purposes, we have opened various groups on different topics in the WhatsApp application, where the blind share their experience and knowledge in a particular area using assistive technologies.

Accessible communication

Communication becomes available to the blind when all the world's social networks and chats become available to the blind from the point of view of non-visual access. And when using speech screen access programs, visually impaired people can use a computer or smartphone as a means to communicate with the outside world. Our foundation is a leader in this area, since we have trained dozens of visually impaired people in computer skills, work with office equipment and the Internet.

My Journey

Ensuring the availability of electronic educational and fiction literature for blind schoolchildren and students of Kyrgyzstan.

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