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My top 3 facilitators

Accessible communication

“Dameg” platform is a plugin created to provide accessibility tools to any website for helping people with disabilities to access the information., “Dameg” distinguished by many other features such as:
The plugin operates in the Arabic and English languages.
Providing the platform for people with hearing disabilities through a "video translated into sign language" describing the site and how to deal with it.
Availability of the site to people with visual impairment through compatibility with screen speaking programs used by persons with disabilities,
in addition to adding the Accessibility Plugin feature to read the screen in Arabic and English.


“ESHD" stands for E-School for People with Hearing Disability it is an Online Arabic Platform for people with hearing disabilities. That aims for inclusion, Any school, institute or even university can provide their educational programs translated with sign language videos to enable students with hearing disabilities to learn anywhere and at anytime.

"Basira" is the First Online Arabic Platform that facilitates e-learning for people with visual impairment, The Platform is available for registration through online web portal, Any charity who is responsible for group of people with visually disability can register an account in order to manage their learning activities like Upload their courses, assign courses to specific group in specific time and track their progress and learning curve during their learning journey.

Community organizations

“Jobility" is a web and Android mobile application that helps in finding jobs for people with disabilities, it is a comprehensive career community, Job seekers can get access to the latest job listings as well as company reviews, Jobs are posted by companies HR people who has vacancies for people with disabilities. Everyone can make an account and fill in his/her CV with selecting the disability type so the candidates could be selected based on their biography and disability type.
MCIT has the authority to review, accept or reject registered companies or candidates to ensure that recruitment process is working probably.

My Journey

Accessibility for Inclusion

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