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People with disabilities must also have access to lifelong learning. You need modern possibilities in these modern times. Education is needed that reflects the reality of life for people with disabilities.Too often people with disabilities do not receive any further support after leaving school. You only work in workshops and continuously dismantle. Your cognitive performance is no longer required. They are no longer offered much in terms of further training and challenges. That needs to change! With today's possibilities, the accompaniment of disabled people can be made even better!
Too often people with disabilities are only managed instead of being actively supported.
School education is needed with teaching staff who understand it, and who prepare children for a life in society.More integrative books in simple language are needed to make the moments of success even more intense.

Accessible communication

There is too much information. Too much information is difficult to understand. It needs news in easy language. Not only newspapers but also apps that convey the news in simple language. TV shows are needed for people with disabilities. Not to pass the time, but to learn new things.
People with disabilities are often encouraged to play simple games. Although there is great and modern technology that you can use. I am a certified VR coach and use VR glasses to actively promote concentration and also for relaxation!

Workplace accommodations

After school, people with disabilities often only have to work in a workshop. Wood workshop or ceramic workshop. Work in the garden group or work as an unskilled worker.
This is too little. Where is the opportunity to learn for life?
We at the Down Syndrome Center LIVE, LAUGH, LEARN offer many modern workplaces. Workplace in catering. In the kitchen, in the office as a secretary, as a postal worker, as a lecturer, as a memory trainer, as a reporter and as an author of books!

We have a lively exchange with other companies in order to support our people with that certain something, Down Syndrome, even better and more specifically. That is a high demand on us. We know that people with Down syndrome may develop dementia earlier than other people. We want to do something about that. That's why we developed A memory training course for people with disabilities for lifelong learning and for developing cognitive skills!

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