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Tech Era is committed to bridging educational gaps for persons with disabilities by introducing programs such as the Tech for The Blind initiative which sought to increase the digital literacy of about
200 blind students and complement the efforts of ICT teachers to deliver content to the students.
We also partnered with MIT D-Lab to research STEM education for blind learners and the needed strategies and technologies that have to be implemented or created to make stem education possible for blind and visually-impaired learners.

Assistive devices and personal assistance

Through a partnership with Dextra, we launched the assistive technology makerspace in Ghana in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology & Innovation, The Ghana Federation of Disabled Organisations, and the British Council. This is one of the first in Africa committed to creating affordable assistive technologies. We launched and exhibited 10 prototypes that were developed by the fellows.
We also use 3D technology to develop affordable prosthetics and pencil grips.

Accessible communication

To make communication more accessible, the Digital Inclusion Training and Assessment Program (DIGITAP) was introduced. DIGITAP is a program introduced by Tech Era to train youth with cerebral palsy, autism, and Down syndrome in different fields including programming, graphic design, robotics, typing among others to bridge gaps in communication and increase access to information using digital technology.

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