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Health care and rehabilitative services

Health, well being and inclusion must be provided and ensured for everyone and with everyone as well, following the main idea of the UN Convention on the rights of persons with a disability: "Nothing about us without us". Our Adapted Physical Activity programs aim at providing face-to face and online synshronous and evidence based adapted and tailor made physical activities to enhance health, well-being, quality of life for persons with a disability or with long term illnesses as well as elderly persons. We have created a secured health platform and assemment tools to ensure the quality of our progams and a personal follow-up of all participants.


life long education and access to education for all is an essential component of empowerment and quality of life. Through our programs, we provide not only physical activities but also education contents. Mooven also developped many training sessions aiming at enhancing the competencies of teachers, coaches,communities as well. Besides awareness campaigns on the impact of physical activity on health, quality of life, inclusion, we propose trainings (initial and in-service) open to persons with a disabilities, as trainees, mentors or teachers. The co-construction of the contents is also an important aspect of our training sessions. All trainees are conducted to share their experience and knowlege with the teachers at the end of each session new tools, ideas, resources are shared among everyone.
Thes trainings first were developed by mooven in france but now they are accessible worldwide: we take into account the time zones to ensure full participation of all.

Community organizations

For us, it is impossible to elaborate and propose adapted and suitable solution or program to anyone if we don't work closely with the community organizations (local authorities, schools/special schools, hospitals, associations, NGOs, etc.). Persons involved in these institution know the needs of the population, the facilitators and barriers to overcome. Besides local community organizations, we also work at an international scale, providing advices, projects and programs (ea: in Madagascar, Egypt, France, India, etc.). Working closely with the community with persons with a disability changes the attitudes of society towards them. It's also an open door for new roles and responsabilities they can have at a local level. If the first place of inclusion is the family (we propose activities for families), our objective is also to propose common activities and programs within the community.

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