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Education is the fundamental tool for the growth of societies. I believe that the education and promotion of the rights of persons with disabilities is essential so that the whole community has knowledge of them and ends with indifference.
and discrimination, which are related to ignorance. I believe that no one is exempt from acquiring a disability and that for the full inclusion of all people a job is necessary from education in homes, civil society organizations, schools and universities. Governments should include the issue of disability in their programs in a transversal manner.

Community organizations

Civil society organizations of people with disabilities must join forces. Until the arrival of the convention, each disability sector was isolated in its problems. Now we must have the spirit of the movements that preceded us that of the united workers, the women's movement and ecological protectionism, should be a guide for our empowerment as a unique disability movement. This without neglecting the families of people with disabilities, but from a supportive role and no longer protectionist.

Laws, Policies and Institutions

I strongly believe in the motto of the convention "Nothing of us without us", but we know that in many of our countries it is an utopia. People with disabilities, even if we train and participate in activities, we are taken as mere consultants. I want to call on the reflection of governments, let us leave the medical and paternalistic model and move on to the rights and prominence models in public policies of people with disabilities for decisions that directly affect our lives.
That is a debt that is pending since the signing of the convention.
The public policies that are carried out in post of people with disabilities will benefit the entire community

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