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Community organizations

Mohila Unnayan Sangstha is a non-profit voluntary organization. Has been working on socio-economic development since 1998.


Adult education, children's education, education for the disabled, education for street children

Health care and rehabilitative services

Family planning, health care, maternity care, hygiene, etc.

My Journey

To work for the development of the helpless, the extremely poor and the disabled

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Performing at the Kennedy Center
Azariah Tan
29, Private sector
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Hervita Liana
33, Public administration
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in this picture we can see Alex Garcia, a deafblind Brazilian.  He is with his eyes closed. He has sunglasses on his head, he is wearing a light pink shirt. At the back we can see some people sitting on a sofa. It looks like a hotel/ convention hall
Alex García
44, Private sector
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Julie Dachez
35, Research/University
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