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Accessible communication

APAC has strived to empower people with disabilities through the use of digital tools and mediums which allow them to freely communicate their wants and needs, and exercise their rights.


Since its foundation, APAC has provided two main areas of education: formal and alternative. The first, which is certified by the National Ministry of Education, provides specialized K-12 education with curricula modification to meet the needs and capabilities of every beneficiary. The latter focuses on providing skills to help with everyday tasks, such as daily-life skills. Additionally, offers vocational training programs, which seek to place beneficiaries in jobs or self-employment.

Health care and rehabilitative services

The organization offers more than 75 quality services to its beneficiaries, which include rehabilitation medicine, general medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy, hydrotherapy, massage therapy, dentistry, psychological care, nutrition, neuropsychology, among others.
At the beginning of every years, all beneficiaries are assessed to create an individualized plan so we can meet their needs and thus improve their overall quality of life.

My Journey

50 years of improving the quality of life of People with Cerebral Palsy in Mexico

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