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We provide access to books via a secure mobile and web reading application that uses APIs, cell phones and credit cards. Through our low-cost subscriptions, children, students and researchers can use our books to prepare their final thesis defence, carry out research and foster their knowledge outside class hours.


1st reason: Promote knowledge and learning among children, students and even researchers outside class through a daily, monthly or annual low-cost subscription in order to reduce the illiteracy rate.

2nd reason: Show the benefits of reading, namely that:
Reading is therapeutical and a powerful antidote against stress.
Reading stimulates the brain
Reading improves memory
Reading enriches vocabulary
Reading allows you to sleep better
Reading develops the imagination
Reading develops concentration

3rd reason: Provide quality education given the lack of libraries and overcrowded schools and classrooms, reduce the illiteracy rate in the Ivory Coast and the french-speaking countries of West Africa through online educational training and writing workshops in schools and universities, and bring about a change in attitudes regarding the advantages of our service : providing a wider access to reading.

Assistive devices and personal assistance

Our service is to provide access to up to 1,500 books on a variety of subjects thanks to a low-cost subscription of 500 CFA Francs per day. We are located in the city of Yopougon, home to a population of 2 million inhabitants. In Ivory Coast, our startup must compete with study and reading spaces such as the French Institute and the National Library of Ivory Coast (Abidjan). Our startup must be competitive from the point of view of the cost of product and the cost of services while occupying a potential market. Compared to the competition, our prices are in the top third of the market (25%). Consumers (primary school children, students and researchers) can purchase our books directly from our premises through a low-cost subscription that is available on a daily basis and they have the possibility of reading on site thanks to our educational tablets for children and our computers which provide access to the audio and digital versions of the books.

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