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Education is a key factor that plays a high level role in our environment. Every student has the right to participate in learning and adding value to their knowledge and experience.

I have taught at the University of Sharjah for 16 years and have been a dean and a head of the department, and my educational background persists as a sustainable knowledgeable professor who seeks to improvise and provide my level-best to help successors follow in the educational field.

Community organizations

I have been working at UOS for 16 years and have gained many outstanding achievements. I am always seeking innovative steps in researching the finest methods of social development and have been assigned to the position of the Disability Resource Center - Director.

Social protection programs

Disability protection rights are considered a great deal as they implicitly reflect the cultural/ ethical background of the country and the human rights of those students who are determined to learn and participate in day-to-day activities and events.

It is of utmost important to empower them and help support them by protecting their rights and their dignity.

My Journey

Director of the Disability Resource Center

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