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At the moment, the field of online education is developing. With the support of IT Park "One Million Uzbek Coders" initiative was launched to empower people with economic disabilities, and free courses were organized on Coursera, online educational platform to tackle unemployment amid the pandemic. In the future, it is planned to implement other projects that will help people with disabilities get education.

Health care and rehabilitative services

During the pandemic, Ministry of Health provided great support to the "COVID-19 Challenge 2020" program. This competition has helped to find new innovative solutions in the fight against the pandemic, namely finding jobs for people, helping vulnerable populations and much more.

Social protection programs

Every year, many international and local social protection programs are held, in which IT Park often acts as a strategic partner and organizer.

My Journey

"Startap yangiliklar"
Free courses
COVID-19 Challenge 2020

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